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New summer '07 schedule is up.

Class Schedule updated 27 May 07

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Learn more about our BootCamps, CrossFit Classes, and Private Training.

Private Training

We offer private training to individuals and small groups. Private training will give you the best results and the flexibility to fit your schedule.

We start all new athletes with our Foundations curriculum. Through private training you can get through Foundations faster than in a group setting.

We then continue with CrossFit methods, molded to your unique needs and goals. Coaching, nutrition, and individual fitness programming are all part of what you will get.

For more advanced athletes, we also offer specialized instruction in Olympic lifting and gymnastics for general physical preparedness.

Private training is $75/hour or $275 for four hours. For small groups training is $59/hour per person or $216 for four hours. Purchase online through the links on the right side of the page.


BootCamps are fun, challenging, short programmes that get you fit and help you lose weight fast. Graduating from our BootCamp also lets you continue with CrossFit classes. Our BootCamps are for people with all levels of fitness.

WE ARE DIFFERENT than the other boot camps:

1 - All of our instructors are serving or ex-military, law enforcement, or emergency service personnel. No wannabe's. We get it, we've all been through real boot camps.
2 - We actually coach you - you will be amazed by what you learn. We bet you can fix your car, programme a computer, do your taxes and all sorts of other stuff - but we bet that no one ever taught you how to pick something off the ground.
3 - We won't yell at you. Well, maybe a little. But we know a thing or two about group dynamics, motivation, and teamwork - see point number 1.

So, if you want to pay a bunch of wannabe instructors to yell at you while you toss a sandbag around for day after day, go visit some other boot camps. On the other hand, if you want to learn something of value, get fit, lose weight, and stay on the path to well-being, check us out.

Our BootCamps are outdoors. We have several formats and options. All bootcamps work out to $20/class. Sorry no refunds on bootcamps. Purchase online with the links on the right side of the page.

Open BootCamp. Four weeks, five times a week (M to F) or three times a week (M-W-F). 0600-0700. Three camps so far this year 4 - 29 June, 2 - 27 July, 30 July - 24 Aug at Mooney's Bay.

Women Only BootCamp. Six weeks, twice a week (T/Th) 1900-2000, 19 June- 26 July in Nepean/Barrhaven.

Youth Athletic Camp. Details coming soon.

CrossFit Classes

CrossFit is the core of what we do - high intensity, constantly varied functional fitness for all levels of skill and conditioning. Perfect for those with little time to waste.

We teach all new athletes the Foundations of CrossFit. Start with one of three ways:

1 - Foundations classes - 4 x 1 hour sessions.
2 - Bootcamp. All of our graduates can continue with CrossFit classes.
3 - Private training. Flexible time, place, and best results. You can even book private training for groups of up to four people at a discount.

Check our schedule for times and locations.

CrossFit classes are one hour and work out to about $20/class. Foundations is $79 and a package of 10 classes is $199.

Who We Are

Who we are – People with a passion for fitness and unparalleled practical experience in physically preparing people for real life situations – work, sport, and combat.

Owner Colin Laverty is a regular force army officer with over 15 years experience, multiple overseas deployments, and expertise in the training and selection of personnel for rigorous and physically demanding occupations.

Head Coach Pierre Auge is a former PPCLI infantry soldier with extensive experience in CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, and basic gymnastics. Pierre recently obtained his level three CrossFit certification and has trained with some of the best CrossFit, powerlifting and Olympic lifting coaches in the USA.

Head Coach Wade Rutland is a serving PPCLI infantry officer of over 13 years experience and one of the few in the world who have attained CrossFit Inc.’s highest level of coaching certification. Wade has exclusive experience with implementing CrossFit in the Army Fitness Programme and has co-authored the Army Austere Workout Programme.

Trainer Ellie Taylor, our newest partner is a serving Royal Canadian Regiment infantry officer with over 13 years experience.

What We Do

Real life fitness for work, sport, and combat. Results, guaranteed.

Capital CrossFit Inc., Ottawa’s CrossFit Affiliate provides the highest quality instruction in physical fitness. We offer regular CrossFit classes, Boot Camps, Private Training, Kids’ Camps, Off-Season and Pre-Season Camps, and Team GPP Workouts.

CrossFit is high intensity constantly varied functional fitness. Challenging for all skill and fitness levels, ideal for people who need fitness for work, and perfect if you are looking for something new! It’s not a cult, I swear!

Challenge yourself with an intense Boot Camp run by trainers who have done it for real! Lose weight, stay motivated, and get fit, fast!

Don’t waste time; get results fast with one of our personal trainers. Experience the difference a highly skilled coach makes at a time and place that suits you.

Have a workout buddy? Get the best compromise between group classes and individual training with one of our small group packages.

Give your young athlete an edge this year – sign them up for our Pre-Season/Off-Season Training Camp.

Specialization is for insects! Capital CrossFit complements your sport specific training with Team oriented General Physical Preparedness workouts. Try our CrossFit based team workouts and watch your team explode on the pitch, pool, or ice.